The Power of a New Year

I haven’t met anyone that has said they enjoyed last year.   We have all suffered times of frustration, being overwhelmed, being too busy and peppered with confusion.  These feelings consume a lot of energy and drain us.  If you stay in this “flight or fight” pattern, it can affect your immune system, sometimes leading to disease.   

Let’s consider pushing the reset button, getting your power back, and living your life with intention and focus.


Reflect on the past 12 months to build a robust foundation for the future.
– What were your happiest times over the past five years?
– What did you do that you were pleased with?
– How did you take care of yourself last year?
– What significant challenges did you face?

Say goodbye to history. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and smile.  We made it. 

Gratitude thinking

Aim for five reasons to be grateful as soon as you wake up and five at the end of the day when you go to sleep. Contemplate kindness and how you can express this to your family, friends, or work colleagues daily. With gratitude and generosity, you will change how you think about yourself and everything in the world around you.  

Check out the Podcast,  On Purpose by Jay Shetty.   


Try to wake up half an hour earlier for contemplation and meditation. Then a 30-minute walk or yoga session. Get these good healthy options conquered before 8 am, and then it doesn’t matter if things get mixed up during the day and sometimes can prove to show opportunities. 

Check out the book by Robin Sharma called the 5 AM Club and apply the principles.


These routines will become habits eventually. Try to displace a bad habit by replacing it with a good one! Focus your energy and effort and priority on the new habit and let the old one go. 

Check out the book, The Self-care Solution by Jennifer Ashton.  


Make sure the people you spend your time with and give the energy to are positive and uplifting. Don’t be scared to leave friendships behind. Remember, most people can count their closest friends on one hand. Quality over quantity is a good motto here.


There is so much weird stuff happening to our planet presently.  Covid has been confusing, to say the least.  The weather changes and patterns do weird things with our moods. Laugh out loud regularly to reset your mood and well-being. Soak in a salt bath, sweat in a sauna and detox whenever you can.  

Check out the App CALM.


If your heart isn’t in it – life is too short… consider a change. Choose people who choose you. Book Angela from Real Star Training,  for some 1:1 time to work out your why and what motivates you.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Throw yourself off the cliff and see how you land. Believe that if something is meant to be, it will happen. Remember, the universe has your back. Put the balls in the air and relax. Your ability to relax is directly proportional to your ability to trust life.  You get your personal growth reading in by listening for 20 minutes.    

Check out the App, Headway. 

Be Present

No amount of regret changes the past. No amount of anxiety changes the future. Be present and listen to the earth and your heart beating. Your entire life can change in a year. Love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more and be disciplined enough to focus on what you want.  

If you are struggling with old habits that get in the way, then check out the website Genius You by Simone-Ellen Keller.  

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