50 Things to say, when there is nothing to say…

The following topics are a range of ideas to help you to make the call to your sellers every day (6 days a week).  They are provided to you with the understanding that you will try to add something fresh and useful to the list.

  1. New listings that have come onto the market since their property was listed
  2. Sales of nearby properties
  3. What has happened to each of the people who have viewed their home (bought/not bought)
  4. Current rate of sale in the area – in days on the market
  5. What prospective buyers said about the price
  6. Other properties that have been withdrawn from the market
  7. Interest rates
  8. Financing
  9. What an investor would pay for their property – based on current rental values and rate of return
  10. Presentation feedback
  11. Open for inspection schedule
  12. Neighbourhood information
  13. Properties for sale in the area that they will be moving to
  14. How to get help when re-locating long distances
  15. How the children are feeling
  16. Tips to help kids feel better about the move
  17. Removalists
  18. Would they like more of your business cards?
  19. What help would they like from you?
  20. Where & when advertising has been placed
  21. Did you get my letter/report?
  22. What did you think about my letter/report?
  23. What did your partner think about my letter/report?
  24. Summary of feedback from other sales agents
  25. Summary of feedback from other offices’ salespeople
  26. Do they know anyone who may be interested in moving into their neighbourhood? (Not necessarily their home)
  27. Why have a sign
  28. What to do if someone knocks on the door and asks to inspect, when they are not accompanied by you (or another authorized agent)
  29. How to add some extra colour to the garden (where to buy advanced pot plants in flower)
  30. What people like most about their property
  31. What people like least about their property (and what to do about it)
  32. What your buyers would pay for the property if they were interested in buying
  33. Relevant information on real estate that has been in the paper
  34. What you have been doing to create interest in their property
  35. What the neighbours are up to ….. Are any of them thinking of buying or selling?
  36. How many inspections similar properties are getting
  37. How many inspections properties in other price ranges are getting
  38. Invitation to seminar you are holding
  39. Invitation to attend other “Open Homes”
  40. Average sale price in the area in the last 3 months
  41. Are things going as they expected?
  42. Why hasn’t anyone bought their home yet?
  43. Is there anything more that they could be doing to help achieve a sale?
  44. Amount of negotiation that is happening in the current market with homes that are selling
  45. Why did the house down the road sell? (… and not theirs)
  46. Who will look after them if you are away, or not available and they need urgent assistance
  47. What are the likely time frames involved in the selling process
  48. Seasons greetings (Christmas/Easter/etc as appropriate)
  49. Number of visits their property is getting on your web site
  50. Number of responses to email notification of their listing

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