Running effective open homes

Firstly, try to be consistent so your Brand becomes noticeable. If you work in a team, make sure everyone uses the same style. This means that a buyer can attend any open home on any day, and they will experience the same great level of professionalism and customer service. The open home is show time and it is the time where you are on stage in front of prospective buyers and sellers. It is very important that you show yourselves and the property in the best possible light.

As well as potential buyers coming to the open home, a lot of potential sellers who are looking to find an agent will come to open homes to see what you are like and whether they would want you to sell their house for them. Be aware that vendors can send friends and family through the open home so make sure you are doing a great job. First impressions are lasting, and an opinion can be formed in the first 1/10th of a second.

Here are some suggested considerations when it comes to running effective open homes:

  • Use colour brochures with all other information bound and well presented
  • Have personal branding giveaways available (pens, fridge magnets, branded mints, etc)
  • Prepare in advance a Property Information Memorandum ready to email to anyone interested in more information. Your CRM system may do this automatically
  • Have exceptional follow up to both potential buyers and vendors after the open home
  • Make sure you are familiar with the area, other properties for sale and what has sold surrounding the house. This includes school zones
  • Have a draft Sales & Purchase agreement available
  • Always be on time
  • Open appropriate doors and windows, lights on, heating or air conditioning on if needed
  • Wear a name badge, put the phone on silent, dress up with clean shoes
  • Meet & greet recording name, mobile and where possible an email address
  • Point out health & safety hazards at the property
  • Be prepared with your pointer boards being displayed earlier in the day
  • Open homes are usually 30 minutes in length on the half-hour wherever possible. 30 minutes is optimum – it gives you time to show the home, close up the property and get to the next open home on time.
  • Make sure to follow up with buyers that have been through and add everyone (once permission has been granted) into your CRM system ready to receive your regular e-newsletters. Check firstly, whether they have a house to sell, then whether they would like to own the house they were just introduced to at the open home and lastly qualify them to see if you can sell them another property.
  • Remember most agents don’t follow up. Often people are pleased just to have someone call them back. Real Estate is about relationship building. A large percentage of people will deal with a real estate agent they like and trust.
  • Be likable, be personable and be engaging.

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