The Process – The Focus – The Results

From time to time it’s important to take stock, to look at what you’ve achieved and where your life is headed. That’s where Real Star training comes in.

Working with one of our professional coaches you will gain a clearer, more objective view of your current situation and make better, more informed decisions about your future goals and how to go about achieving them.


The coaching process is all about change and transformation, about the human ability to grow, to alter behaviours and to generate new, adaptive and successful actions.

It is a conversation, a dialogue between the coach and the client within a productive, results-oriented context. It will help you access what you already know. You may never have asked yourself the questions, but you do have the answers. Your Real Star coach will empower you to find those answers.

You set your agenda, which is fluid and flexible. It begins by clarifying your values to enhance your motivation. We’ll provide you with a personalised plan geared towards your individual needs, aspirations, values and goals.


Increasingly business professionals find that they are so consumed with their day-to-day workload that they don’t have time to look at the big picture, develop staff, increase value to customers and, importantly, balance their personal and working lives.

Coaching with Real Star Training Ltd will help you gain perspective, find direction and develop and enhance specific skills, depending on your requirements. Areas of focus could include:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills – how to get the best out of yourself or your staff
  • Time management – maximise every hour of every day
  • Balancing work and personal life issues – discover what’s important
  • Staff development and dealing with conflict – become a better manager and communicator
  • Identifying gaps and obstacles to efficiency – streamline your routine
  • Strategic thinking and business planning – smart tools for smart business people
  • Increasing productivity – aim for maximum positive results
  • Increasing market share – make your business shine
  • Customer service development – building stronger relationships with clients


The outcome will vary depending on the individual, and certainly, there is no ‘final exam’ or end destination. The coaching process is part of a journey aimed at enhancing your satisfaction and performance in life. Some measurable results may include:


  • Attract more business
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide structure, guidance and focus
  • Monitor and evaluate actions
  • Streamline processes and procedures to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Motivate and sustain momentum
  • Provide non-biased, objective advice on business decisions
  • Increase awareness of resources and when to use them
  • Broaden the scope of available information, ideas and solutions


  • Unearth potential and tap into creativity
  • Co-ordinate career and personal life
  • Increase the ability to cope with and welcome change and transitions
  • Improve concentration, confidence, relaxation and decision-making
  • Remove performance fears and anxieties
  • Eliminate unhealthy work stress